Pot Smoking Stats Real Eye Opener

May 6, 2014

Do you smoke pot? Accord­ing to stats I saw this week, 12 per cent of Ontario res­i­dents 15 and over smoked mar­i­juana at least once over a recent 12-month period.  Which is about 1.3 mil­lion Ontar­i­ans.  Or about 130,000 peo­ple here in York Region. This is accord­ing to Sta­tis­tics Canada’s Cana­dian Com­mu­nity Health Sur­vey for 2012, which asked Cana­di­ans over 15 if they used cannabis or hash. Keep in mind these were only the peo­ple will­ing to admit to using pot. The real num­bers could be a lot higher, par­don the pun, con­sid­er­ing this is a type of behav­iour not every­one would read­ily admit to on a gov­ern­ment form. For polit­i­cal prog­nos­ti­ca­tors, that’s a lot of Justin Trudeau sup­port­ers.  Maybe that’s why Stephen Harper’s poll num­bers seem to be going up in smoke. And here I thought some peo­ple were just really happy, really hun­gry, or had the gig­gles. Next time some­one laughs at one of your jokes, you’ll be tempted to ask, “Did you actu­ally think that’s funny, or are you just high?” And stop eat­ing those Cheesies. Obvi­ously it can’t be just teenagers, whose cur­rent slang words for cannabis or get­ting high – accord­ing to this thing called Google I have on my com­puter – include to get blazed, chief, burn one, bent, kush and, well, by the time some­one like me is using them in a com­mu­nity news­pa­per, they may already be obso­lete. Point is, con­sid­er­ing the stats, there must be pro­fes­sors, lawyers, MPs ( such as the afore­men­tioned Mr.  Trudeau ), jour­nal­ists, the Ford fam­ily, and many oth­ers out there, who you would not think of as your typ­i­cal pot smok­ers, who are, in fact. Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have a whole lot against peo­ple who smoke up. They used to bother me more, when I thought of all the may­hem cre­ated by the peo­ple grow­ing the pot, with law enforce­ment chas­ing them – all in the quest to sup­ply herbal refresh­ment to peo­ple who ratio­nal­ized that their lit­tle ille­gal indul­gence was harm­less. But as the pot laws become more relaxed, par­tic­u­larly in the U.S., the peo­ple who smoked up despite the laws and the neg­a­tive con­se­quences for soci­ety, seem a lit­tle less self­ish, a lit­tle more main­stream. Things are being legal­ized, taxed, in some U.S.  states, includ­ing Col­orado and Wash­ing­ton.  In Canada, we are just get­ting a sniff of this brave new world. So now, there is a rush by all kinds of peo­ple to get into Canada’s “med­ical” mar­i­juana busi­ness.  Why? Because of sev­eral recent court deci­sions, the pro­jec­tion in the next few years is that up to 400,000 Cana­di­ans will have got­ten them­selves per­mits to use med­ical mar­i­juana, as in daily, up from 40,000, which now must be sup­plied by gov­ern­ment approved grow­ers ( think $ signs ), with Canada’s doc­tors forced to take part in the approval process for “patients”. This despite what the Cana­dian Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion says is a lack of sci­en­tific evi­dence that mar­i­juana is any­thing other than a recre­ational drug, even if it is, anec­do­tally – for some – help­ful deal­ing with ill­nesses that cause pain or seizures.  Fine.  But 400,000 peo­ple? Maybe, like the U.S., it’s time to give every­one the right to smoke pot ( respon­si­bly – no dri­ving ) and leave the doc­tors and Ottawa out of it.  Some­thing to put in your bong and smoke before the next fed­eral election.

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Pot Smok­ing Stats Real Eye Opener

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