Marijuana Contests To Join County Fair in Colorado

Jan 29, 2014

Pot at the county fair? Why not? Colorado’s Den­ver County is adding cannabis-themed con­tests to its 2014 sum­mer fair. It’s the first time pot plants will stand along­side tomato plants and home­made jam in com­pe­ti­tion for a blue rib­bon. There won’t actu­ally be any mar­i­juana at the fair­grounds. The judg­ing will be done off-site, with pho­tos show­ing the win­ning entries. And a live joint-rolling con­test will be done with oregano, not pot. But county fair orga­niz­ers say the mar­i­juana cat­e­gories will add a fun twist on Denver’s already-quirky county fair, which includes a drag queen pageant and a con­test for dio­ra­mas made with Peeps can­dies. “We thought it was time for us to take that leap and rep­re­sent one of the things Den­ver has going on,” said Tracy Weil, the fair’s mar­ket­ing and cre­ative direc­tor. The nine mar­i­juana cat­e­gories include live plants and clones, plus con­tests for marijuana-infused brown­ies and savory foods. Home­made bongs, home­made roach clips and cloth­ing and fab­ric made with hemp round out the cat­e­gories. Judges will look only at plant qual­ity, not the potency or qual­ity of the drugs they pro­duce. Other con­tests – pat­terned after Amsterdam’s famed Cannabis Cup – already gauge drug qual­ity and fla­vor. Top prize is $20, plus of course a blue rib­bon. The fair already has a green rib­bon – awarded for using envi­ron­men­tally con­scious meth­ods. The entries will be shown in a “Pot Pavil­ion” open only to peo­ple over 21. Along­side the pot entrants will be 24 cat­e­gories of home­made beer, four cat­e­gories for home­made wine and one cat­e­gory for “spir­its and liqueurs.” Prizes will also be given for speedy joint-rolling, though fair orga­niz­ers insist there won’t be any mar­i­juana con­sump­tion on-site. Com­peti­tors in the live Doritos-eating con­test will have to acquire their munchies else­where. Even the pho­tographs of the win­ning plants will be view­able only by adults 21. Orga­niz­ers don’t want 4-H com­peti­tors in the pop­u­lar rab­bit and goat con­tests wan­der­ing by a pot dis­play. “We have a lot of fam­i­lies and kids at the fair, of course, and we wanted to be respect­ful of that,” Weil said. Denver’s fair is far from tra­di­tional, though. Den­ver County didn’t have a county fair until 2011. Orga­niz­ers wanted an urban, hip ele­ment along­side tra­di­tional fair favorites like a Fer­ris wheel and cot­ton candy. There’s a speed text-messaging con­test, and the high­light sta­ple of a West­ern fair, a rodeo, has been replaced with a bicy­cle rodeo and a troupe of per­form­ing pigs. About 20,000 peo­ple attended last year. The mar­i­juana con­tests aren’t likely to spread to other fairs in Col­orado. Offi­cials in Routt County, in west­ern Col­orado, voted last year to expressly ban mar­i­juana from its county fair. And Col­orado State Fair orga­niz­ers have expressed no inter­est in mar­i­juana com­pe­ti­tion. Cal­i­for­nia holds an Emer­ald Cup at the fair­grounds in Sonoma County, Calif., where guests with med­ical clear­ance are able to sam­ple the drug. That con­test is held at the fair­grounds but isn’t a part of the county fair. Source: Asso­ci­ated Press (Wire) Pub­lished: Jan­u­ary 28, 2014 Copy­right: 2014 The Asso­ci­ated Press

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Mar­i­juana Con­tests To Join County Fair in Colorado

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