Research Doesn’t Support Use Of Medical Marijuana

Apr 21, 2013

Based on sci­ence and con­cern about young minds and the safety of our cit­i­zens, we believe that the crude drugs from the plant Cannabis should be ille­gal.  There are dif­fer­ing views on this issue.  In our democ­racy, diver­gent views are expected.  The more per­sonal the issue, the more pas­sion­ate and less log­i­cal the dis­cus­sion. Media arti­cles sup­port mar­i­juana as a med­i­cine.  This com­plex weed is sup­posed to cure insom­nia, arthri­tis, glau­coma, nau­sea, loss of appetite, epilepsy, etc.; and that, if legal­ized and taxed by gov­ern­ment, as with alco­hol and tobacco, it could solve our finan­cial woes. Let’s exam­ine some mis­in­for­ma­tion used by mar­i­juana pro­po­nents, which is mostly based on anec­do­tal evi­dence or dri­ven by polit­i­cal agenda.  Before the emo­tional and polit­i­cal issues drive a mass exper­i­men­ta­tion, using Amer­i­cans as guinea pigs, we must scru­ti­nize mar­i­juana. Mar­i­juana is a crude drug from the Cannabis plant, known to con­tain more than 700 chem­i­cals.  When smoked, these com­po­nents pro­duce more cancer-causing com­pounds than found in tobacco smoke.  Cannabi­noids are chem­i­cals found only in the Cannabis plant.  Many are psy­chotropic: have mind-altering effects and are fat sol­u­ble.  They are stored in and alter the brain, repro­duc­tive organs and other fat cells.  A nurs­ing mother will pass THC and other cannabi­noids to her baby through her milk. THCis the one chem­i­cal that most peo­ple asso­ciate with mar­i­juana.  It is an intox­i­cant with some med­ical prop­er­ties.  Mar­i­juana is not just THC.  Pure THC is a pre­scribed med­ica­tion that has passed rigid Food and Drug Admin­is­tra­tion require­ments to pro­tect pub­lic health; whereas, mar­i­juana will never pass any approval process. In Florida, a 2010 sur­vey of high school stu­dents, reported 21.8 per­cent of seniors used mar­i­juana in the past month.  This is up from19.7 per­cent in 2008; thus, today one in five of our high school seniors are being exposed to a drug that can cause much harm.  Addi­tion­ally, mar­i­juana is listed as the pri­mary sub­stance of abuse for 31.1percent of treat­ment admis­sions in Florida.  Over halfwere12-17 years of age. In Decem­ber, 2012, the Gov­ern­ment Drug Abuse Warn­ing Net­work Report stated that over 45,000 Amer­i­can youth between the ages of15 to17 entered emer­gency rooms because of mar­i­juana.  If 100 young peo­ple needed emer­gency room treat­ment because of a FDA approved drug, pro-marijuana groups and elected offi­cials would demand the drug’s removal from the mar­ket. As reported by the U.S.  Sur­geon Gen­eral, mar­i­juana reduces the immune system’s abil­ity to fight infec­tions, inter­feres with the repro­duc­tive sys­tem, affects mem­ory and learn­ing, cre­ates para­noia, and is addic­tive.  Mar­i­juana reduces the IQ of young users by 8 to10 IQ points, changes depth per­cep­tion and alters the abil­ity to judge dis­tance. The National Insti­tute on Drug Abuse reported in Decem­ber of 2012 that “research from dif­fer­ent areas is con­verg­ing on the fact that reg­u­lar mar­i­juana use by young peo­ple can have long-lasting neg­a­tive impact on the struc­ture and func­tion of their brains.” Want your child on pot? Mar­i­juana users are dan­ger­ous dri­vers.  There is no road­side test to detect or to deter­mine impair­ment.  High­way deaths will increase if mar­i­juana is used more fre­quently in Florida. Research shows that cannabi­noids in mar­i­juana are mind alter­ing.  They will alter the con­scious­ness and make any dis­ease seem less severe.  The dis­ease is not being treated. And, the dis­ease can be made worse.  Will the pas­sion­ate sup­port­ers of “med­ical mar­i­juana” oblit­er­ate years of sci­en­tific research that has revealed the dan­gers of mar­i­juana? Will Florida use its cit­i­zens as exper­i­men­tal objects? Hope­fully, Florida vot­ers will not have to decide. Source: Sun-Sentinel (Fort Laud­erdale, FL) Copy­right: 2013 Sun-Sentinel Com­pany Con­tact: http://​drugsense​.org/​u​r​l​/​m​V​L​A​x​QfA Web­site: http://​www​.sun​-sen​tinel​.com/ Authors: Carl­ton Turner and Her­bert Goldstein

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Research Doesn’t Sup­port Use Of Med­ical Marijuana

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