Illinois House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Apr 17, 2013

The Illi­nois House today approved a mea­sure to let peo­ple use mar­i­juana for med­ical pur­poses, giv­ing the pro­posal its best chance of becom­ing law in recent years. The House sent the bill to the Sen­ate on a 61–57 vote. The Sen­ate pre­vi­ously has passed sim­i­lar leg­is­la­tion. Pro­po­nents say the leg­is­la­tion, which would set up a four-year pilot pro­gram, would be the most restric­tive in the nation. Sev­en­teen states and the Dis­trict of Colum­bia have approved some form of mar­i­juana use for med­ical pur­poses. The leg­is­la­tion, spon­sored by Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, had come close in the House but pre­vi­ously fallen short. Pass­ing the House was viewed as the biggest hur­dle in the leg­is­la­ture because the Sen­ate pre­vi­ously has passed a sim­i­lar bill, though not this year. At the Capi­tol ear­lier today, Gov. Pat Quinn said he is “open-minded” on the issue. Quinn said he heard a story from a mil­i­tary vet­eran dur­ing a meet­ing in the governor’s state­house office that pro­vided com­pelling rea­sons to use cannabis for relief of pain. “He was suf­fer­ing from war wounds and found def­i­nite help by med­ical use of mar­i­juana,” Quinn said. “I was quite impressed by his heart­felt feel­ing. I’m cer­tainly open-minded to it.” Mar­i­juana, despite draw­ing ques­tions and con­tro­versy, is seen by sup­port­ers as a pro­gres­sive and safer alter­na­tive to harsh med­ica­tion in treat­ments of var­i­ous chronic ill­nesses like can­cer, HIV or mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis. Under this bill, an indi­vid­ual could be pre­scribed no more than 2.5 ounces of mar­i­juana dur­ing a two-week period. A doc­tor who pre­scribes mar­i­juana must have had a prior and ongo­ing rela­tion­ship with the patient—a move to lessen the chance that doc­tors could give out pre­scrip­tion weed willy-nilly. Addi­tional restric­tions and reg­u­la­tions cre­ate numer­ous other hur­dles before a per­son could get cannabis. The pre­scrib­ing doc­tor must be licensed to prac­tice in Illi­nois. The House action comes after Cook County, the city of Chicago and some other cities have decrim­i­nal­ized pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana, allow­ing vio­la­tors to be tick­eted rather than booked into the jail. Source: Chicago Tri­bune (IL) Author: Ray Long and Rafael Guer­rero, Tri­bune Reporters Pub­lished: April 17, 2013 Copy­right: 2013 Chicago Tri­bune Com­pany, LLC Web­site: http://​www​.chicagotri​bune​.com/

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Illi­nois House Passes Med­ical Mar­i­juana Bill

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