Pot-smoking Moms Defend Their Habit

Jul 22, 2012

Which par­ent is worse: The one who smokes pot or the one who knocks back wine? Some pot-smoking moth­ers are defend­ing their habit and say they’re tired of being judged by other moms who reli­giously drink glasses of wine.  “Any hypocrisy is hard to swal­low.  A drunk mother is pathetic and I often leave par­ties when I expe­ri­ence other moth­ers tying one on,” Mar­garet, a mother of two boys, told Today Moms. And she’s not the only mom who feels this way.  One mother recently raised eye­brows when she acknowl­edged that she takes care of her daugh­ter when she’s stoned.  And the Moms for Mar­i­juana group has gar­nered close to 20,000 likes on Face­book. Mar­garet, who didn’t want her last named used, told Today Moms that smok­ing mar­i­juana helps her relax so she can get through her day with­out stress­ing.  “It can make fold­ing a pile of laun­dry fun.  If I didn’t smoke, that’d be three piles later in the week.” But she’s care­ful to keep her habit hid­den.  Mar­garet keeps her stash locked away from her kids and doesn’t tell other moms for fear of ostra­ciz­ing her chil­dren. “Mar­i­juana par­ents aren’t per­fect, but they’re far less imper­fect than par­ents who use alco­hol irre­spon­si­bly,” says Diane Forn­bacher, the co-vice chair of the Women’s Alliance at NORML, the non-profit lob­by­ing group work­ing to legal­ize mar­i­juana. She told Today Moms that par­ents shouldn’t be judged if they’re using a sub­stance that makes them more pro­duc­tive and causes no harm.  “Cannabis can influ­ence peo­ple to be nicer to one another.  You rarely find a story that says two ston­ers beat each other up out­side of a bar.” In Canada, it is legal to use mar­i­juana for med­ical pur­poses.  But accord­ing to a recent poll, 66 per cent of Cana­di­ans believe pos­ses­sion of small amounts of the drug should be decrim­i­nal­ized. But, of course, there are health con­cerns for par­ents who smoke pot around their kids, such as a higher like­li­hood that the child will use the drug or start­ing smok­ing it ear­lier.  And those who smoke mar­i­juana before 16 have a higher rate of psy­chi­atric dis­or­ders, accord­ing to Today Moms.

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Pot-smoking Moms Defend Their Habit

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