Hemp Activist Arrested Near White House

Jun 14, 2012

The Plant Is a Raw Mate­r­ial, Not Pot, Head of Soap Com­pany Says David Bron­ner locked him­self in a metal cage Mon­day out­side the White House with a stash of hemp plants and equip­ment, hop­ing to make enough hemp oil to spread on a piece of French bread. Bron­ner, pres­i­dent and chief exec­u­tive of Dr.  Bronner’s Magic Soaps, never got to fin­ish the oil-pressing process or to have his usual break­fast. D.C.  police and fire­fight­ers used a chain saw to cut open the steel cage door and arrest him.  Bron­ner was charged with pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana and block­ing pas­sage. Bron­ner, whose Cal­i­for­ni­abased com­pany uses hemp oil in its soap prod­ucts, pleaded with Pres­i­dent Obama – via micro­phone – to allow hemp har­vest­ing in the United States. Bron­ner was moved to protest after a recent 28,000-signature peti­tion ask­ing for hemp legal­iza­tion didn’t get the response he wanted, accord­ing to his spokesman, Ryan Fletcher. The protest began at 8 a.m., when Bron­ner and his caged trailer were dropped off on H Street NW next to Lafayette Square.  Park police and Secret Ser­vice mem­bers joined D.C.  police and fire offi­cials, who worked for a cou­ple of hours to open the cage. Bron­ner had designed the trailer so it could not eas­ily be bro­ken into or towed away by police, Fletcher said. Atop the trailer was a sign that read, “DEAR MRPRESIDENTLET U.S.  FARMERS GROW HEMP!” Bronner’s actions prompted police to shut down traf­fic around 16th and H streets at about 10:30 a.m. U.S.  drug law defines hemp as a con­trolled sub­stance, the same as mar­i­juana, mak­ing the plants inside Bronner’s trailer ille­gal.  Live hemp seeds may not be imported into the coun­try, and hemp may not be grown.  How­ever, hemp-derived food, tex­tiles and other prod­ucts may be imported or pro­duced in the United States from non-living hemp mate­r­ial. Bron­ner says that lab tests con­firm the THC level in his hemp plants is less than 0.3 per­cent, the inter­na­tional stan­dard for indus­trial hemp.  THC is the main psy­choac­tive chem­i­cal in mar­i­juana, where it is much more con­cen­trated. “We import roughly $100,000 a year of hemp oil from Canada,” Fletcher said.  “He’s doing this action in part because he wants to be able to source that hemp oil from Amer­i­can farm­ers, rather than export­ing his dol­lars to Canada.” Last week, Sen.  Ron Wyden ( D-Ore.  ) intro­duced a mea­sure that would label hemp as an agri­cul­tural crop.  The amend­ment was backed by Sen.  Rand Paul ( R-Ky.  ). Monday’s protest was not Bronner’s first action to pro­mote hemp cul­ti­va­tion in the United States.  In 2009, Bron­ner and oth­ers planted hemp seeds on the front lawn of the Drug Enforce­ment Admin­is­tra­tion Museum and Vis­i­tors Cen­ter in Arling­ton.  They were arrested and charged with tres­pass­ing. Bronner’s grand­fa­ther, E.H.  Bron­ner, founded Dr.  Bronner’s Magic Soap in 1948.  The com­pany pro­duces some of the top-selling organic soaps in the coun­try. Source: Wash­ing­ton Post (DC) Copy­right: 2012 The Wash­ing­ton Post Com­pany Web­site: http://​www​.wash​ing​ton​post​.com/

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Hemp Activist Arrested Near White House

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