Police Chief To Give Pot A Sober Second Thought

Jan 12, 2012

Ottawa Police Chief Vern White Takes His Seat in the Sen­ate Feb­ru­ary 20.  Cites His Work With Addic­tion Treat­ment As His Proud­est Achieve­ment As Police Chief As a sen­a­tor, Vern White will be called on to give weighty ques­tions a sober sec­ond thought – some­thing he already does in Ottawa as chief of police. White will con­sider Bill C-10, the omnibus crime bill, which he sup­ports in his cur­rent role. “I can’t speak to it as a future Sen­a­tor because it would put me in a con­flict right now,” he said, adding he will be will­ing to speak up on the bill once he is sworn in. The bill includes tougher penal­ties for grow­ing and pos­sess­ing mar­i­juana.  White said Cana­di­ans should dis­cuss decrim­i­nal­iza­tion, but with cau­tion.  Too often the dis­cus­sion is over­sim­pli­fied, he said.  For exam­ple, he’s often asked whether a teen should get a crim­i­nal record for smok­ing a joint. “You can say it, but it doesn’t really hap­pen,” said White.  “If a 15-year-old is get­ting charged and con­victed to mar­i­juana, it’s not a joint.  Either he’s been traf­fick­ing in it or it’s sec­ondary to another crime, like an assault.” The effects of mar­i­juana on men­tal health should be part of the dis­course, as should Canada’s rela­tion­ship with the United States, he said. “A large amount of mar­i­juana that’s pro­duced in this coun­try ends up in the United States.  What impact would that have on our rela­tion­ship with the United States?” he said. Even if Canada decrim­i­nal­ized mar­i­juana, that wouldn’t impact orga­nized crime traf­fick­ing it to the U.S., he added. White said he is also keen to dis­cuss national secu­rity, abo­rig­i­nal affairs and mental-health issues when he becomes a sen­a­tor. Source: Metro (Ottawa, CN ON) Copy­right: 2012 Metro Con­tact: ottawaletters@​metronews.​ca Web­site: http://​www​.metronews​.ca/​O​t​t​awa Author: Steve Collins, Metro Ottawa

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Police Chief To Give Pot A Sober Sec­ond Thought

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