Marijuana Growers Find Cover On Tribal Lands

Aug 26, 2011

Mex­i­can Drug Car­tels Take Advan­tage of the Vast, Sparsely Pop­u­lated East­ern Wash­ing­ton Tribal Reser­va­tions for Their Marijuana-Growing Oper­a­tions, Law-Enforcement Offi­cials Say, and Tribal Mem­bers Are Not Involved. In the back­coun­try of the Yakama Indian Reser­va­tion, a hand­ful of law-enforcement offi­cers spent part of last sum­mer search­ing for two things: mar­i­juana and the peo­ple grow­ing it.

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Mar­i­juana Grow­ers Find Cover On Tribal Lands

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