Cash Hyde’s Story Cnt.

May 31, 2011

Cash Hyde’s Story Cnt.

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MISSOULA, Mont. — A two-year-old boy who was given cannabis by his father while bat­tling brain can­cer was Wednes­day unwit­tingly thrust into the debate about med­ical marijuana.

Father Mike Hyde, from Mis­soula in Mon­tana, told KXLY News last week how he fed mar­i­juana to his son Cash Hyde to ease the pain.

The story was mak­ing head­lines world­wide Wednes­day, stir­ring the debate over legal­iz­ing med­ical marijuana.

But despite the sen­sa­tion Cash’s father said he believed it saved his son’s life. Cash, known as Cashy, has returned home after suc­cess­fully beat­ing cancer.

When you have to watch your kid, and there’s noth­ing you can do … or, you’re told there’s noth­ing you can do, it’s very hard. You feel help­less, you feel inad­e­quate, you’re just kinda lost,” Hyde said.

Cash was born a healthy baby in June 2008 but became sick shortly before his sec­ond birthday.

He was diag­nosed with a stage 4 brain tumor and under­went high-dose chemotherapy.

By the end of Sep­tem­ber, he had gone 40 days with­out eat­ing, he was vom­it­ing 9–10 times a day, he couldn’t lift his head off his pil­low, he was lay­ing their shiv­er­ing,” Hyde said.

His des­per­ate father inserted cannabis oil through his feed­ing tube with­out telling doc­tors. Hyde said doc­tors were amazed at the boy’s recovery.

I wanted to tell them — hey, he’s on cannabis oil — but I didn’t want them to take it away from him,” he said.

Med­ical mar­i­juana is legal in some US states, includ­ing Mon­tana, but is ille­gal to pos­sess with­out autho­riza­tion from a med­ical professional.

The only way for med­ical patients to ben­e­fit from cannabis is for us to have it legal­ized fully,” Hyde said.

Until it’s fully legal­ized, police and law enforce­ment will con­tinue to harass and invade patients’ rights, and take their med­i­cine away.”

Read more: http://​www​.myfoxdc​.com/​d​p​p​/​n​e​w​s​/​o​f​f​b​e​a​t​/​m​o​n​t​a​n​a​-​d​a​d​-​c​l​a​i​m​s​-​c​a​n​n​a​b​i​s​-​h​e​l​p​e​d​-​h​i​s​-​t​w​o​-​y​e​a​r​-​o​l​d​-​b​e​a​t​-​c​a​n​c​e​r​-​0​5​0​5​1​1​#​i​x​z​z​1​N​x​w​H​g​RkK

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