How to Roll a Joint

May 10, 2011

How to Roll a Joint
roll1 How to Roll a Joint Col­lect your cannabis and begin to break apart the buds.  Dis­card any stems or seeds.  Make sure their are no large buds.
Lay your cannabis across your paper.  Make sure to avoid the edges of the paper.
roll2 How to Roll a Joint
roll3 How to Roll a Joint You can option­ally insert a “crutch” at one end of the paper.  The crutch is usu­ally made up of a folded piece of paper ripped from the rolling-paper pack itself.  If the crutch makes the joint too awk­ward to roll, you can always insert it after­ward.
Rolling your joint is a bit tricky and may take a few attempts.  Gen­er­ally it is rec­om­mended that you roll the joints between your thumbs and index fin­ger.  Use your thumb to depress one side of the paper over the bud, then your index fin­gers to wrap the gummed edge on top.
roll4 How to Roll a Joint
Voila!  If you feel that you’ve become an expert joint roller capa­ble of quickly and effec­tively med­icat­ing your­self, then feel free to light it up.  Oth­er­wise, break the joint apart and repeat from step 2.
roll6 How to Roll a Joint

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